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Sterile Microsuture (2-0 to 7-0)

AROSurgical added sterile AROSuture™ to the product line in 2005. This suture is manufactured by BEAR - the same people that manufacture our BEAR™ Micro Vessel Clamps, which we have been providing to the Microsurgery Community for over 27 years! AROSuture™ is now considered the finest in the world by the surgeons and scientists who use them. Through BEAR's unique, automated manufacturing process we can provide this World Class suture at a fraction of our competitors' prices with a quality that is "Simply the Best!"


  1. Sterile Suture Material: Non-absorbable nylon polyamide monofilament (black for microsurgery) material.
  2. Needle Design: Atraumatic swaged needle is threaded through a state-of-the-art laser drilling process which allows for smooth suturing without much tissue damage.
  3. Needle Material: Non-pyrogenic, silicone coated needles are made of grade 304 stainless steel, sterilized by electron beam, and LAL tested.
  4. AROSuture™ Usage: General soft tissue approximation and/or ligation (Rx only).