Large Double Artery Clamps, 120g | AROSmicro™ TKL-2-120g

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This Disposable AROSmicro™ Clamp is a Large Double Approximator Artery Clamp with Delicate Closing Pressure (2.0mm-4.0mm Vessel Diameter and 120gf Clipping Power). 10 Sterile Clamps Per Box.


Brand: AROSurgical ™
Application: Artery
Configuration: Double, Approximator Clamp
Size: Large
Vessel Diameter: 2.0mm to 4.0mm
Clipping Power: 0.120N (120gf)
Pressure: Consistent, Delicate Occlusion
Usage: Disposable, Single-Use
Material: Sterile Plastic
Color: Yellow
Clamps Per Box: 10 (Individual, Sterile Packs)


  1. Single-Use Reliability: Our disposable vascular clips are used only once so clamping pressure is always exact and reliable.
  2. Guaranteed Debris-Free, Corrosion-Proof, and Sterile: Our vascular clips never have to be scrubbed before use, and you will never find debris, rust or corrosion — we guarantee it!
  3. Secure, Atraumatic Occlusion of Arteries and Veins: The jaws of each artery clip and vein clip have a unique hemispheric design that assures secure, non-slip occlusion.


AROSurgical Instruments, Inc. distributes the highest quality, single-use micro vessel clamps available today! We are the exclusive distributor of the BEAR™ Micro Vessel Clamps for the United States, Canada and Mexico (other international shipping is also possible). AROSurgical continues to be the leader in micro clamp design for anastomotic surgery. World-renowned surgeons continually ask for our BEAR™ Clamps for use in their reconstructive microsurgery. These clamps are widely used, particularly in the specialties of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Hand Surgery, Orthopaedic Surgery, Head & Neck Reconstruction, Breast Reconstruction, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Transplant Surgery and Cardiac Surgery.

These are not only the best micro vessel clamps on the market, these are also the ORIGINAL Single-Use Microvascular Clamps!


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