Vein Clamps

AROSmicro™ Single-Use Micro Vein Clamps

AROSurgical is the exclusive distributor of the BEAR™ Micro Vascular Clips for the United States, Canada, and Mexico — other international shipping is also available. Our vein clamps are widely used, particularly in the specialties of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Hand Surgery, Orthopaedic Surgery, Head & Neck Reconstruction, Breast Reconstruction, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Transplant Surgery, and Cardiac Surgery. Not only do we offer the best micro vessel clamps on the market, they are also the ORIGINAL Single-Use Microvascular Clamps!


  1. Single-Use Reliability: Our disposable vascular clips are used only once so clamping pressure is always exact and reliable.
  2. Guaranteed Debris-Free, Corrosion-Proof, and Sterile: Our vascular clips never have to be scrubbed before use, and you will never find debris, rust or corrosion — we guarantee it!
  3. Secure, Atraumatic Occlusion of Arteries and Veins: The jaws of each artery clip and vein clip have a unique hemispheric design that assures secure, non-slip occlusion.


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BEAR™ Vascular Clips Featured in Anastomosis Procedure

Published on Jul 23, 2014
The Micro Vessel Clamps featured in this video during an anastomotic surgery were provided by AROSurgical Instruments, Inc. The video clips are used with permission and are taken from the "VIDEO JOURNAL OF ORTHOPEDICS, Volume XVII, No.3 - September 2003".