5-0 Sterile Micro Suture, 19mm, 3/8 Circle, Extra Reverse Cutting Needle | E19A05N-45

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Sterile Nylon Suture with Threaded Needle: Non-Absorbable, Black Polyamide Monofilament Suture, Suture Size 5-0 (1.0 metric), Suture Length 18" (45 cm), Extra Reverse Cutting Needle, Needle Length 19 mm, Needle Curvature 135° (3/8 Circle), 12 Per Box. *Comparable to ETHICON 1666G — with unmatched quality!


  1. Needle Design: Atraumatic swaged needle is threaded through a state-of-the-art laser drilling process which allows for smooth suturing without much tissue damage.
  2. BEAR Medic Craftsmanship: Through BEAR's unique, automated manufacturing process we can provide this World Class suture at a fraction of our competitors' prices with a quality that is "Simply the Best!”
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Brand: AROSmicro™
Suture Size: U.P.S. 5-0 (1.0 Metric)
Length: 18” (45cm)
Needle: 19mm
Curvature: 135°
Needle Circle: ⅜“ Radius
Tip Configuration: E, Extra Reverse Cutting
Alloy: Stainless Steel 304
Sterilization Type: Electron Beam
Coating: Silicone, Non-Pyrogenic, LAL Tested
Material: Black Nylon Polyamide Monofilament
Absorbability: Non-Absorbable
Usage: Sterile, Rx Only

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